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The Maltese is known as "Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta," the Maltese breed has a history that traces back at least 28 centuries! The Maltese is a small breed of dog in the toy group, covered from head to foot with a mantle of long, silky, white hair. They are gentle-mannered and affectionate, eager and sprightly in action and loyal.
To help you decide if the maltese breed fits your lifestyle and personality, I've put together the list of links below for you to look through should you desire a Maltese as an addition to your family.

History of Holy Maltese Maltese...

Holy Maltese began in Western Pennsylvania in 1994, when we purchased our first male Maltese, Gucci. He stole our hearts and we became enchanted with the Maltese Breed. Since then, we have devoted ourselves exclusively to Maltese.

We breed on a very small scale, preferring to focus on QUALITY instead of quantity. We produce intelligent, healthy, beautiful Maltese Puppies that are outgoing, full of life and satisfy the AKC standard.That is not only our promise to our new families but our duty as responsible breeders!
With this goal in mind, we only incorporate dogs in our breeding program who are healthy, have good temperaments and are good representatives of the breed. As a result our puppies' pedigree are very impressive, containing not only many American and International, Top Ranking ,Group Wining Maltese but also Top Champion producers.
Our loving puppies make great additions to special homes. All of our puppies are raised in our home and handled from birth. We devote much time to socializing and interacting with our puppies which prepares them for an easy transition into their future homes. This socialising and handling is of benefit to the puppy whether they are destined to become a future show dog or a loving companion.
Through the years, we have bred, owned and handled several Maltese Puppies Our very first conformation show champion was City Fanz. His success in the ring was only the first step towards a long line of champions. Franz went on to produce outstanding Champion progeny who in turn produced outstanding progeny of their own. We have bred champions who have made an impact in the show world. Among those is Group WinningCity Shocking Nes who achieved #24 in the Maltese Breed Standings for 2004, although she was shown very limitedly.
We attribute a lot of our success as breeders to those who have taught and supported us along the way, namely, Michelle DiCola of "Marchelle/DiAmore Maltese" and Christopher Vicari and Manny Comitini of "Chrisman Maltese" who helped us get started. Their help, guidance and friendship has helped us become who we are. Along the way we have made other new friends not only in the Maltese world but in other breeds as well and I am glad for their friendship, mentorship and support as well.

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